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When sugar no longer equals frustration

By Dr. Jean-Luc Allemandi And resisting chocolate cravings becomes easy! Sugar is considered one of the “century’s evils”, explains Doctor Jean-Luc Allemandi, an acupuncture doctor who has developed a three-step protocol to free us from our sugar cravings. Our addiction to sugar and the absence of any kind of satisfaction […]

Fractional melanin : how does it work ? What are the benefits ?

Fractionated melanin, a major advance in sun protection

By Dr. Zein Obagi Dr. Zein Obagi describes the benefits of topical application of fractionated melanin, including protection against the damaging effects of high energy visible light. In any discussion about skin aging, it is important to differentiate between biological aging and photo-aging : the most visible signs of biological […]

New: Nanosoft™

By Dr. Riekie Smit An innovation for the effective, almost pain-free and bruise-free treatment of delicate areas. The signs of aging that most women worry about all appear in certain areas: crow’s feet, eye contour, lip contour, neck (*). However, the skin in these areas is very thin and marks […]

This new device has a bright future, even in France, since "8.3% of people questioned, consider taking a treatment to lose weight with a health professional; and 3.8% would like to use Elipse, which represents 1.8 million people in France "according to Benoit Chardon.

The balloon that can change your life

Today, nearly 2 billion people in the world are overweight, and in France alone, nearly 6.9 million people are affected by obesity. These figures are a source of alarm for healthcare authorities. “We led a vast study among 10,000 people who are overweight or obese in 8 countries in Europe, […]

Let's about this new face treatment to protect your skin from the blue light and wrinkles

Anti-aging care that protects against daily aggressions

Anti-aging care that protects against daily aggressions – Uriage This innovative range boasts the first patented Blue Light Barrier, to protect the skin from the harmful effects of blue light. Thanks to a combination of plant, vitamin and pearl extracts, the BLB complex acts as a protective shield, preventing the […]