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A new anti-aging serum for your skin

A new dimension: plasticity by Eneomey

ENEOMEY have come up with a new dimension in cosmetics: plasticity! The new REJUV programme offers a high-performance solution for all women who want to improve their skin’s suppleness. Made up of a plumping anti-aging serum, REJUV ELIXIUM, and a redensifying anti-aging cream, REJUV SILK, this innovative programme enhances your […]

Find out our best advice to understand how to enhance your body and face

Anti Age Magazine number 34

Number 34 of Anti Age Magazine came out with a special issue: “Refine your body and face“. Good reading ! Our editorial: Slim your face and body We all want to be slim, so that our body matches our now youthful-looking face. New innovations are being developed to reshape the […]

A new method to remove fat effectively

High-definition liposuction

By Dr. Olivier Claude High-definition liposuction enables us to reveal the anatomical structures underneath. It is not just about removing fat, but rather about highlighting the shape of the muscles and tendinous insertions with the help of new equipment and new techniques. How is HD liposuction carried out? Dr Olivier […]

The quest for a sexy smile

By Dr. Michel Abbou A question of hygiene, colour, shape and proportions “I know how to avoid getting old: welcome the years with a smile… A smile is always young.” (Pierre Dac). Though a smile makes a person look younger, sometimes even young people dislike their appearance when they grin. It is important that dental […]

Beautiful teeth, beautiful face?

By Dr. Patrick Madar What are the methods available in aesthetic dentistry today? Is it always best to want a perfect smile, even if it looks a little photoshopped? The lower third of the face is a deciding factor in facial attraction. People’s teeth are highly symbolic: sexual, animal, social, […]

Morpho cryo sculpture, the birth of a new technology

By Dr François Alamigeon After many years performing cryolipolysis and several thousand treatments carried out worldwide, it turns out that this technique appeared highly effective, but is even more so when coupled with other treatments, in 50% of cases. The explanation for this is that the eligibility of this technique […]