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How ethnic groups age differently

Skin aging is an extremely complex process, which basically depends on two factors. chronological (intrinsic) aging, which is dependent on the skin’s metabolic process extrinsic aging, due to the environment’s damaging actions Because of this, the skin of different ethnicities ages in its own unique way. How three different ethnicities […]

The “Happy Face” get your smile back!

By Doctor Muriel Creusot Want to look less tired this winter? Want to brighten up your face? This aesthetic medicine technique can make you happy again, by correcting your nasolabial folds and expression lines. With age, the face’s fat compartments shrink and collapse, leading to the appearance of wrinkles and […]

Hormone deficiency in women: there is a solution

By Doctor Jean-Francois Bezot In women, aging is mainly hormone-related. Prescribing the right hormones to redress these deficiencies can strengthen a woman’s bone and muscle mass, and improve her vitality, mood and beauty. We explain the role of the hormones that rule a woman’s body. The perfect balance, or homeostasis […]

A new device that builds muscle while reducing fat

By Doctor Nelly Gauthier Pushing the leading edge of body shaping to another level, BTL Industries presents a new ground-breaking approach for treating the abdomen and buttocks with its new innovative device – the EMSCULPT. It is the world’s only non-invasive procedure to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat, making […]