Hydrafacial® sits at the crossroads between beauty and aesthetic medicine. Interview by Thierry Piolatto 

ANTI AGE Magazine (AA MAG): The Beauty Health Company, which develops the Hydrafacial® brand, is listed on the Nasdaq stock market. How do you see its turnover evolving over the next few years?

Andrew Stanleick: This year, we expect to record 360-365 million dollars in revenue, including 45-50 million in EBITDA. Our aim over the next three years is to double our net sales and triple our EBITDA. This is perfectly achievable, as today more than 60% of our turnover is generated in the USA and we are only just starting to target foreign markets.

AA MAG: There are a lot of companies venturing into the beauty industry. How can you explain your success?

Andrew Stanleick: We have managed to create a new category, a patented beauty treatment (which makes it very diffi cult to copy) that can cleanse the skin using our hydradermabrasion and vortex fusion technology, exfoliate it (using the principles of extraction) and hydrate it in depth, and the whole process is clinically-proven. Our boosters are unique, non-invasive, cause no damage and require no downtime. They are suitable for all ages and all skin types. They make you feel good, boost your skin’s radiance and fi rm it up, and all for an affordable price (around 150 euros average for a full treatment). It is an “affordable luxury”. And for the offices that buy the device, their investment is much cheaper than a laser, for example, with a very quick return on investment. The margin is 60 to 70%. We are also very active in terms of R&D. We have announced Hydrafacial® boosters with companies like Organicell (containing Exosomes) which fights inflammation in the skin, Glytone, Jennifer Lopez (the JLO Beauty Booster) and, more recently, Dr Dennis Gross Skincare. This way, we can personalise our offer. We have also built a strong relationship with beauty therapists, who are, in turn, in contact with doctors. This is how we chose to step up our presence, both among beauty therapists and doctors. We provide them with “Experience Centers”, like the one recently opened in Paris, near the Arc de Triomphe. These centres are used for training, press relations, writing content, infl uencer relations, etc.

AA MAG: Hydrafacial® is available in more than 90 countries with nearly 25,000 machines installed to date. Which are the markets with the highest growth, and what are your plans for international expansion?

Andrew Stanleick: We make 60% of our turnover in the medical industry and 40% in non-medical markets (spas, department stores such as Galeries Lafayette in partnership with Innerskin, etc.). The United States is still our largest market, but countries such as China and Japan present a great opportunity. In Europe, France and the United Kingdom are our two main markets, with plenty of opportunities for growth.

AA MAG: You mention the “popularisation” of treatments among the general public. Do you think you have “revolutionised” the approach to beauty? With the strategy of personalising treatments? By cultivating a close relationship with your network?

Andrew Stanleick: I think that over the last 10 years, and with the health crisis, the notion of beauty has changed to become much more holistic. The notions of wellness and mental health are evolving, and Hydrafacial®, which offers a transversal approach to treatments, addresses this well. Partly aesthetic but non-invasive, wellness but also skincare. Hydrafacial® is at the crossroads to all of these sectors.

AA MAG: Does having an engaged community guarantee success, and how are you working to develop it further?

Andrew Stanleick: Communities are at the heart of our strategy. We have a great relationship with our sup-pliers, our clients and with beauty professionals. In this community, everyone is a winner. We believe that building our network is the key to success, given that our contacts are all developing their own social networks at the same time and are therefore growing their own community. We are building a pyramid, with the early-adopters at the top, then the influential leaders who provide us with their confidence, their efficiency and their advice, and celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and well-known doctors.

AA MAG: You have announced a partnership with the “Organicell Laboratory” with the launch of an Exosome Booster that fi ghts infl ammation. Is it important for you to collaborate with laboratories when develo-ping innovative products?

Andrew Stanleick: We have already signed several partnerships with companies such as Murad and ZO Skin. Today, we are capable of launching a new booster in 6 months, and we are planning for a new booster every three months, which enables us to integrate the latest trends. As an example, the development of an Exosome Booster is a vital technology for fighting infl ammation and the signs of skin aging. The technology developed by Organicell Regenerative Medicine contains more than 300 cytokines, chemokines and growth factors. This booster promotes cell regeneration and repair, which fights the effects of aging and infl ammation.

AA MAG: You have just opened a space in the heart of Paris, a “HydraFacial Experience Center”. What is the aim of this centre?Andrew Stanleick: We wanted to offer training and real guidance for beauty professionals, not just on how to use the machines, but also how to improve their business: how to develop it, how to use social media, etc. By performing ten treatments per week, they can achieve €100K in turnover every year. To do this, they must implement va-rious actions. It is our job to assist our network.

AA MAG: Does “French beauty” really exist and how can you address this demand?

Andrew Stanleick: In my many years working in the beauty industry, including at L’Oréal and Coty, I have observed that French people seek a more natural look. They very much embrace an invidual sense of style and count on confidence more than anything. This is why Hydrafacial is a perfect addition to the French beauty routine: we are in the business of building confidence.

More informations: https://www.hydrafacial.com/

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