By Dr Claude Chauchard

In reality, we are talking about the new niches in medicine. Twenty years ago, nobody talked about either of these specialities. 

Today, two different disciplines have emerged – one that corrects cellular aging on the inside and the other which corrects the damage caused by physical aging on the outside.

One discipline repairs the inside of our bodies by protecting us from free radicals, which attack the cell membranes, and by correcting any hormone defi ciencies, in particular the sex hormones, thyroid hormones, adrenal hormones and growth hormone. We can even address any mineral, trace element or protein defi ciencies. Finally, we correct any bad dietary habits – excess sugar, excess saturated fat, not enough water, too much salt, etc. 

The other discipline, aesthetic medicine, repairs the effects of aging on the outside. Above all, we talk about the anti-wrinkle action of botulinum toxin, which erases most facial wrinkles in 48 hours and for six months. We also talk about hyaluronic acid injections, which smooth facial wrinkles without affecting the muscle activity. These are two extraordinary techniques that have revolutionised my practice, as a specialist in this fi eld. We might add peels to the list – either superficial or those that go deeper – which are an extremely effective way of transforming the face. However, some doctors choose not to offer these treatments, as they require a lot of experience.

To this, we might add cosmetic surgery which is, in a way, the “big sister” of aesthetic medicine. Today, we can correct anything: nose, breasts, buttocks, belly, the oval of the face… A huge “transformation” is on the way before we can envisage implanting intestinal bacteria, the same as those that can only be found in people around a hundred years old. Or even envisage correcting our DNA or gene code. Here, I am talking about a vision of the future in the next 5 or 10 years.

Anti-aging medicine is carried out by doctors who specialise in nutrition, sports medicine and hormonal endocrinology. They have to be truly passionate about their work because the results of anti-aging medicine are not immediate. It is a long-term type of medicine, so we can only measure its effects after many months of following the speciality’s guidelines.

Anti-aging medicine seeks to modify and improve the psychological, emotional and physical aspect of every patient.

Slowing down the biological clock

The aim is to slow down the biological clock so that patients look much younger than their biological age. In some ways, nowadays we are able to “rejuvenate” the bodies of people of a certain age, giving them the energy and vitality of someone who is twenty years younger. We are not talking about lengthening their life, as there is no statistical study into this subject and, therefore, we cannot determine by how long we can prolong someone’s life. What we do know, however, is that we can considerably improve a person’s biological, physical and intellectual performance. We also improve the end of their life, because, generally, their last ten years are free from any great physical or psychological suffering.

In conclusion, our patients stay healthy for longer; they remain independent, more physically and intellectually alert, and full of energy for as long as nature allows. These two specialities interact and are often superimposed in the same patient. The final aim is to make the patient feel good and stave off any illnesses connected with premature or genetically-programmed aging. Staying young and living better for longer is my motto and is also the motto for these specialities.

Dr Claude Chauchard: A renowned specialist in nutrition, weight control and Medicine for Age Prevention. More than a million copies of 14 books sold in more than 5 languages. Founder of the Anti-Aging clinic concept La Clinique De Paris, established in China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea since 1992. Assistant professor at the universities of Seoul and Peking. Creator of the online Chrono Géno Nutrition method.

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