Author: Thierry

Pausylia, Therme di Donn’Anna : Napoli, Italia

By Randa Ghattas The name Pausilya comes from the Greek Pausilypon, which means “respite from worry” or “the place where one recovers one’s health”. A spa, a haven of wellbeing on the bay of Posillipo, the city’s most residential neighbourhood. Breathtaking panoramas, unchanged for the last thousand years, offering extraordinary views of Vesuvius. The jet […]

A youthful neck and decolletage

By Dr Jean-Philippe Binder How can we prevent these risk areas from deteriorating by adopting a healthy lifestyle and having suitable treatments? Skin deteriorations are expressed by the appearance of fi ne lines then wrinkles, pigmentation issues and gradually skin sagging. The platysma muscles also weaken, and fat may accumulate […]

The mirror lift

By Dr Marc Divaris Take a seat and hold a mirror in your hand. Look at your reflection, then tilt your head backwards. See how much younger you look! It is nothing like when you lift your oval with your fingers in front of your bathroom mirror, which gives a slightly “pulled” look. This […]