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By Dr Isabelle Meurgey Ever since the Nobel Prize was awarded to a team of Australian and American researchers ten years ago for their discoveries about telomerase (an enzyme that makes telomere DNA), a number of studies have been carried out regarding the factors that influence gene expression. The findings […]

Age Breaker – Metabolism

Control your weight to control your aging Weight gain is directly related to biological aging. The main cause is a bad metabolism, a true activator of cellular aging. The first warning sign is abdominal obesity. A waist circumference greater than 80cm for a woman or 94cm for a man is […]

Biocyte, a reference for highly effective nutricosmetic products

Having been established on the French market for more than 12 years, the BIOCYTE laboratory is renowned for its highly effective nutricosmetic, slimming and longevity formulas. BIOCYTE offer a wide range of products, the majority of which are made in France. Our products are developed in accordance with the current […]

Lose weight without going hungry!

By Doctor Claude Chauchard 30% of French men and women like the idea of losing 5 kilos or more, effortlessly, from stubborn areas, and without going hungry. This figure comes from a study by the INSERM (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research), published not long ago. I can […]

New anti-aging nutrition?

By Dr. Claude Dalle Can we eat the same diet all our life? I don’t think so. Actually, many elderly people eat differently as they get older. From age 50, both men and women should change their diet. The metabolism slows down dramatically and our levels of sex hormones (menopause, […]

Logelya, Esthelya

A powerful antiglycation and antioxidant formula. This nutritional supplement fights against protein glycation, aging, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease risk factors. It predominantly uses dry berberis aristata (tree turmeric) and carcinine extract. To be used in conjunction with the other products in the range, such as Oxylya, an excellent […]