Our experts

Doctor Micael Schneersohn | Cosmetic Surgeon

Doctor Micael Schneersohn is Cosmetic Surgeon. He is a medical Expert in aesthetics treatments, DiU morpho-aesthetic and anti-aging, DiU European medical lasers, and DiU Mesotherapy Medicine. Founder and manager of Clinéance isle-adam (95) in 2005, medical practice entirely dedicated to aesthetics and rejuvenation. Book an appointment with Doctor Micael Schneersohn […]

Doctor Thierry Boisaubert| Aesthetic doctor

Doctor Thierry Boisauber is an Aesthetic doctor, expert in medical aesthetics since 2000 – tenure holder for the DIU MMAA (inter-university diploma in morphological and anti-aging medicine) at the Paris Aesthetic Faculty in 2007 – Tutor and teacher for the DIU MMAA – Member of the SOFMAA, AFME, AEMED – […]

Doctor Isabelle Catoni | Dermatologist

Doctor Isabelle Catoni is a dermatologist who graduated from the Paris Medical Faculty, former attaché for Paris hospitals. Committee member for the National Syndicate for Dermatologists and Venereologists (SNDV) and board member for the French Dermatology Society (SFD). Committee member for the French Society of Surgical and Aesthetic Dermatology (SFDCE). […]

Doctor Didier Dubois | Aesthetic Doctor

Doctor Didier Dubois is an aesthetic Practitioner. This aesthetic practitioner is the French President of the Northwest Association of Mesotherapy and Cosmetic Medicine (AMME NO). Holder of the Inter-University Diploma (DIU) of Mesotherapy, Paris. Holder of the European Inter-University Diploma (DIUE) of medical lasers (Paris University). Membership in the French Society […]

N. P. Mikhailova | Dermatologist

N. P. Mikhailova  is a MD, Dermatovenerologist, cosmétologue Prof. of cosmetic and cellular technologies department in Pirogov Russian Scientific-Research Medical University, member of the American Academy of Dermatology and American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, certified trainer of Bioscientific Trading LTD (France) and Cynosure Inc. (USA), Scientific Supervisor of […]

Doctor Jean-Marc Chardonneau | Aesthetic doctor

Doctor Jean-Marc Chardonneau, is aesthetic doctor. He has an angiology degree from the French National College of Aesthetic Medicine, DIU (inter-university degree) in Obesity, Aging and Aesthetics of Superficial Tissue (Paris V). DIU in Morphological and Anti-Aging Medicine. Graduated in Phlebology from the Paris V Marie Curie Institute and the […]