Our experts

Doctor Maryse Mateo DelaMarre | Aesthetic Doctor

Doctor Maryse Mateo DelaMarre  is an aesthetic practitioner, graduated in Medicine in Paris and completed her specialization with a diploma in anti-aging, aesthetic medicine and laser in Paris. She is an active member of numerous societies including the AFME (association Française de Medecine esthétique) and the SOFMMAA (société Française de Médecine […]

Doctor Frédéric Braccini | Plastic Surgeon

Frédéric Braccini  is an active Facial Plastic Surgeon with ENT training and practises in Nice, France (ENT&FPS Institute). He is an international expert in aesthetic surgery and aesthetic medicine. He has published many scientific studies and books on facial plastic surgery, “Medical Rhinoplasty” in 2010, and Facial AGEING in 2011. […]

Doctor Gilles Korb | Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr Gilles korb has lived in Nantes for the last 25 years, he is a cosmetic surgeon. He has a double qualification: ENT and cervicofacial surgery and maxillofacial surgery. Surgeon of the face and neck, member of the French Society of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery of the Face and Neck, […]

Dr Christophe De Jaeger| Anti Aging Doctor

Doctor Christophe de Jaeger is an aesthetic doctor and a professor of medical physiology and holder of the Chair on Longevity (MTU). One of the very first pioneers in Europe to recommend actively fighting aging in humans. Author of Techniques for fighting aging and We are not made to age […]

Doctor Véronique Emmenegger | Dermatologist

Doctor of medicine. Double specialist qualification from the FMH (Swiss Medical Association) in Clinical Dermatology, Venereology, Allergology and Immunology. In 1998, she co-founded the Lémanic Clinic in Lausanne, Switzerland – a clinic dedicated to anti-aging, skin health and beauty – where she has been Medical Director for 18 years. Winner […]