Dr Isabelle  Catoni 

Dermatological expertise to improve the hair’s vitality and boost the skin’s radiance.

Tell us about your experience in mesotherapy.

I was lucky enough to meet Dr Michel Pistor and took the training course that was created in 1987. As a dermatologist, I often met patients who were having scalp issues, including alopecia, for which I recommended mesotherapy. The results were so good that patients were happy to keep having the treatments, even though it could be painful if they had a particularly sensitive scalp. They found that it reduced hair loss, increased the hair density and improved the hair quality. 

I have always extolled having beautiful skin and attractive wrinkles, rather than seeking a radical transformation. Radiant, luminous skin is achieved through a healthy lifestyle coupled with suitable cosmetic treatments and mesotherapy injections that contain hyaluronic acid and ingredient complexes (amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, etc.). 

How does this technique satisfy your patients?

Mesotherapy, particularly on the scalp, enables patients to obtain a better head of hair. It slows down hair loss and boosts its density. Facial mesotherapy can really improve the complexion’s radiance. Patients are less and less inclined to seek a radical transformation and would rather look healthy, fresh, with an even complexion and radiant skin. 

How can you explain the current developments in the treatment of alopecia?

The hair has become just as important as the face and body. As women, we all dream of having thick, luscious locks. The developments made in the treatment of alopecia stem from the growing demand, the improved efficacy of the products and the marker of health that a full head of hair represents. Medical aesthetic treatments for the hair have become more accessible and their efficacy is well recognised.  

What are your criteria when selecting active ingredients for mesotherapy treatments?

In mesotherapy, the active ingredients are very important. Nowadays, there are ever more clinical studies that prove the efficacy of mesotherapy treatments. In the ingredients, it is important to include non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid plus complexes of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids, which can all be found in Haircare and Cytocare from the Revitacare Laboratory. They are essential for satisfactory and visible results. 

What message would you like to pass on to your fellow medical aesthetics professionals?

Mesotherapy is highly effective, not too expensive for the patient, pain-free (or almost) and quick. It has become an essential treatment and the first step for treating aging and improving the skin quality. The best way to hydrate the skin is with injections, for example with Cytocare products, which contain hyaluronic acid and a complex of 50 ingredients (vitamins, amino acids and trace elements). l

Dr Isabelle  Catoni: A dermatologist for 30 years, Dr Isabelle Catoni has been practising laser procedures in dermatology for 25 years, and specialises in aesthetic treatments. She has always been committed to advancing the professionalisation of aesthetic dermatology by developing continuing education and sharing experience.

More information: dermatologue-catoni.com

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