By Dr. Zein Obagi

Dr. Zein Obagi describes the benefits of topical application of fractionated melanin, including protection against the damaging effects of high energy visible light.

In any discussion about skin aging, it is important to differentiate between biological aging and photo-aging : the most visible signs of biological aging include laxity, smooth-to-fine wrinkling, dryness, and general thinning. In contrast, photo- aged skin is more yellow in colour pigmentation, rougher in texture, and deeply wrinkled. As a general rule, individuals with biologically aged skin appear younger than individuals with photo-damaged skin of the same age.

Excessive sun exposure causes significant changes in the epidermis. The thickness of the photo-damaged epidermis is variable with alternating areas of atrophy and hyperplasia. It is thought that atrophy may result from depletion of cells from the basal layer, while areas of hyperplasia may reflect compensatory overgrowth of UV-damaged tissue.

While consumers are now well educated regarding the dangers associated with exposure to sunlight, findings in recent years indicate that skin damage caused by high energy visible HEV light may be as harmful.

Studies conducted to evaluate the effect of HEV light on skin demonstrated damaging effects to the skin tissues that was mediated via the generation of a variety of reactive oxygen species (ROS). These can result in indirect DNA damage, degrade the dermal fibre network and may lead to premature aging, associated with the generation of free radicals and the induction of oxidative stress.

Fractional melanin - Advanced major sun protection

What is the fractionated melanin?

Melanin occurs naturally in the human body where it is released from melanocytes into the skin as the first line of defense against exposure to certain damaging light waves. Liposhield HEV Melanin is a novel, cosmetic ingredient designed to protect the skin from damaging HEV and tailored so that red visible light, deemed to have beneficial effects, can be transmitted to the skin.

What is the innovative product?

We have been able to successfully incorporate this breakthrough ingredient into a Smart Tone Broad Spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen designed to blend into any skin tone. Patented colour beads, utilising a comprehensive UVA/UVB photo-stable sun protection system helps provide daily protection from damaging ultraviolet rays, while fractionated melanin helps shield against damaging HEV light. It has an exclusive 12-hour time release antioxidant system which helps in strengthening the skin barrier and Vitamin C which helps to achieve an even-toned complexion and improve skin texture. We believe that this novel ingredient represents the future of sun protection.

Dr Zein Obagi aesthetic cosmetic dermatologistDoctor Zein Obagi

Dr. Zein Obagi is a board-certified practising Dermatologist, world-renowned skincare expert, inventor and educator. As a scientific director of ZO Skin Health, Dr. Obagi has created treatments, protocols and products with technologically advanced ingredients to achieve and maintain optimum skin health.

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