Philip Burchard is the CEO of Merz Aesthetics, one of the leading laboratories of medical aesthetics including products such as: Radiesse, Belotero, Bocouture, Cellfina, Ultherapy, etc … We interviewed him to discover what will be the future axes of development of this company.

Anti Age Magazine : Merz Aesthetics has 2 innovative technologies: Cellfina and Ultherapy. Cellfina is used to treat cellulite and Ultherapy allows us to perform a lift using focused ultrasounds. Could you describe each of them in just one word?

PB: Ultherapy is a micro focused ultrasound therapy and is popular all over the world. This procedure stimulates the body’s repair mechanisms, leading the fibroblasts to create new collagen for a natural lifting effect. It is used on the face, the neck and décolletage. It is a popular therapy because it’s non-invasive, the results appear gradually and last up to a year. I should mention that these regular ultrasounds enable the doctor to see below the skin, where the bones are, the nerves, the blood vessels, and thus avoid any complications or pain.

Cellfina treats cellulite and specifically the causes of cellulite dimples in the thighs and buttocks. It’s slightly more invasive but offers very good results.

AAM: Can we complete Ultherapy with fillers?

PB: Absolutely! Ultherapy is a very good foundation treatment for the face, and you can add fillers like Belotero or Radiesse for more volume or to treat wrinkles.

AAM: What are your goals for 2019?

PB: This year promises great things, as we are branching out all over the world. We have established offices in Asia, in the Middle East…and now we are looking at how we can bring together physicians and our products to create very natural-looking results.

AAM : So, no new fillers? 

PB: We are looking at new fillers (we launched Belotero ® Lips shape and Belotero ® Lips Contour*). We have new fillers being developed in-house, in Germany, but also outside our company. There are several start-ups and universities who are working on fillers or the substances we can put inside them.

AAM: Protecting the environment and sustainable growth are important to Merz Aesthetics. How can you help?

PB: On all of our production sites, we are trying to be more “economical” with regard to anything  that affects the environment, by using new technologies such as filtration, cleaning. Every year, we introduce eco-friendly advances such as using recyclable packaging. As for the products themselves, before buying any ingredients, we check our suppliers to make sure they are “environmentally friendly”.  Finally, our botulinum toxin, Bocouture, no longer needs to be kept in a fridge – it can now be stored at room temperature.  

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*Merz Aesthetics Launches Belotero ® Lips shape and Belotero ® Lips Contour, two fillers to increase the volume and improve the appearance of lips. This new lip approach will delight women in search of a result in agreement with their personality.
“A single filer is often not versatile enough to offer the natural, pleasant and personalized result desired by patients. Nowadays, these people already know what “getting their lips redone” and their expectations are therefore high. With the launch of Belotero ® Lips, Merz Aesthetics now offers a complete and complementary approach to the aesthetic care of the lips. According to the desire of the patient, her age and the importance of the signs of lip aging, Belotero ® Lips gives practitioners a greater creative power with a treatment that can go from a simple increase in volume and projection of lips to a Complete Treatment of the circumoral area.”, Amandine Giraud-Sauveur, marketing director merz aesthetics France.
These two new Belotero® Lips are complementary, Lips Shape for the increase in lip volume and the correction of the labial and Lips Contour commissures for the redefinition of the lip contour and the smoothing of the péribuccales wrinkles.
Used for the philtrale ridge, the superior white lip, the lower white lip, the cupid bow, the lip contour, the vermilion (also called red lip) and the commissures commissures, Belotero® lips shape and Belotero® Lips Contour responds to the different indications related to lip treatments.

At the heart of these two products, Merz highlights the CPM (cohesive polydensified mattrix), a unique and patented technology formulated to bring complete tissue integration with a proven uniform distribution.

Merz Aesthetics is a world leader in the universe of aesthetic medicine with products used in more than 90 countries.

Philip Burchard, CEO Merz Aesthetics

Philip Burchard, CEO Merz Aesthetics

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