Du 31 Mai au 3 Juin 2018 – The 8th Internationl Educational Course-Training for Cosmetologists on non-surgical rejuvenation medthods, will be held in St Petersbourg, Russia

Scientifics sessions : 

  • Skin: looking for perfection and improve reality
  • «ANTI-AGEING» – What does it mean?
  • Botox therapy in cosmetology: What else is possible?
  • Injectables: how to choose the right one?
  • Aesthetic gynecology: what are the possible solutions?
  • When patient health is not ideal … (cosmetology and endocrinology, oncology, autoimmune diseases, cardiology …)
  • Threads : avantages and drawbacks
  • Global approach and innovative solutions for the correction of difficult areas
  • Complications in procedures
  • Medical aesthetics for youth: what do they want?
  • Manager Day

Anatomy online courses, live in introductory course in masterint techniques and methodes, procedures for information treatment.

IECTC Saint-Pétersbourg , Russia

More info:  www.iectc.ru

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