By Doctor Maryse Matéo Delamarre

A recent survey about aesthetic medicine (Changing Faces of Global Beauty), led
by Allergan and carried out in March 2016, asked 500 women in France (7,700 women in 16 countries) about their perception of beauty, how they feel and their desires.
It showed that patients would prefer to look well and healthy rather than younger.

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The emotional aspect of consulting an expert
A large majority of patients complain about looking tired, sad or stern, or think their skin looks saggy. This is how the pa- tient feels. The incompatibility between the image that they portray and their real emotions is the most common reason that they visit a doctor.

Conversation then turns to the speci c areas of the face that the patient would like to improve, i.e. the patient’s desires. A detailed clinical examination of the patient’s face, performed by the doctor, enables them to identify the patient’s requirements.

The role of an aesthetic medicine expert is to solve the com- plex equation between the patient’s feelings, desires and requirements using Medical Codes.

What are medical codes?

Medical Codes are precise injection points in each anatomical area of the face (e.g. the cheekbones, under the eyes, naso- labial folds, lips, chin).
Each point is identi ed using a letter, a number and a colour (red or blue), and is injected using a speci c technique. During the clinical examination, the doctor will identify the negative expressions caused by aging. Each patient will have their own personal Medical Codes equation, according to their feelings, their desires and their requirements. This equation will include all or only some of the MEDICAL CODES. It is a sophisticated, personalised treatment plan. The equation of the points selected by the doctor will enable them to remove any signs of fatigue or sternness, and to improve any sagging. The injections are performed into each area using a speci c sequence, technique and product from the range of hyalu- ronic acids with VYCROSS technology (VOLUMA, VOLIFT, VOLBELLA), according to each product’s properties.

All of the areas of the face (12 in total) can be treated using these three Allergan products.
Each code takes into consideration the face’s requirements with regard to volume, and the injections performed will en- able the practitioner to rebuild each anatomical area accor- ding to an architectural method.

The Medical Codes developed will be able to solve this equa- tion according to the parameters of each patient.
MEDICAL CODES are a new language in the eld of aesthetic medicine, used to rationalise injection points, sequences and injection techniques.

The treatment procedures are thus standardised, more ac- curate and safer. Patients often know what they want to achieve but not how to achieve it. Our role as experts is to nd the right equation in order to erase any negative signs of aging and provide natural-looking and long-lasting results. This made-to-measure treatment enables us to correct the discrepancies between the patient’s image and how they feel, so that the two nally match up.

Doctor Maryse Matéo Delamarre


Doctor of aesthetic medicine. Medical faculty of Lariboisière-Saint Louis (inter-university degree in Morphological and Anti-Aging Medicine from PARIS XIII) and laser procedures (European inter-university degree in medical lasers from PARIS VI-Pierre and Marie Curie).

Expert doctor and tutor for aesthetic medicine and injection techniques (Pontoise).

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