By Dr Riccardo Marsili.

Restore rather than inflate, relax rather than freeze, improve rather than change, personalise rather than standardise: this sums up my philosophy. I think that very obvious aesthetic medicine is poorly-performed aesthetic medicine. Here is how I restore volumes without changing the original facial features and while respecting the harmony of the face.

I do not treat wrinkles in a standard way, I always analyse the face as a whole in order to have a global view of its volumes and proportions. Only by rebalancing all aspects of aging can we obtain a result that reminds us of the face of our youth. Patients who come to see me do not want their face to look too “full”, with swollen cheeks and an inexpressive forehead. It’s important not to create volumes that weren’t there before. We must limit ourselves to restoring the areas that, over the years, have been lost, and to the right extent. Improve and rejuvenate without ever changing the features.

I use different types of fillers and injection techniques to best adapt to each area, skin type and imperfections, but also to personalise the treatment for each patient as much as possible. This is the only way to obtain natural results and avoid “similar” and hyper-inflated faces.

My hyaluronic acid injection technique combines the use of thinner needles with the possibility of using microcannulas to minimise pain, swelling and the possibility of haematoma, allowing patients to resume their activities as if nothing had happened. I always start the injection by treating the deep plane with boluses of Ultra Deep to restore bone loss: first the middle third (temples, malar region and zygomatic region) and then the lower third (mandibular angle, jawline and chin). I complete my treatment by filling the superficial fat plane with RHA 4, the only volumiser that can be injected in this plane above the muscles (mobile area) because it is less reticulated and more modular, without risking the prosthetic effect that would reveal a correction when the patient smiles.

The results are immediate and the effects are visible between 9 and 18 months. Thereafter, it will be necessary to maintain the treatment with annual follow-up sessions.

Doctor Marsili specialises in Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery with national and international experience in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. He divides his activity between Paris and Italy. Thanks to his background, he has gained particular experience in face and eye rejuvenation and body reshaping.

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