Three decades ago, FILLMED introduced the world to NCTF 135HA, a ground-breaking advance in biorevitalisation. 

Dr Brigitte Desporte et Laurence Cohen 

This unique solution – combining 60 active and bioregenerative ingredients and rich in hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids and minerals – was a real innovation. Despite its pioneering vision, NCTF 135HA did not immediately conquer the market, despite doctors seeing it as revolutionary. Now, thirty years later, NCTF 135HA is finally coming out of the shadows and getting the recognition it deserves thanks to a shift in the public’s perception of aesthetic medicine. This change is also driven by the new generation that is not just wanting to look younger but also to feel better in their own skin, regardless of their age. We asked two specialists to explain how this youth elixir can help in the fi ght against aging. 

EXPERT OPINION: NCTF 135HA in practice by Dr Brigitte Desporte

What do you think of the results achieved with NCTF 135HA in your medical practice?

NCTF 135HA is a bit like revealing a carefully-guarded secret. A multitude of factors influence the results, whether it is the way in which it is administered, the unique expectations of each patient, or the quality of our initial consultation. But NCTF 135HA really becomes interesting when it is combined with other aesthetic treatments. It is as though we have added a magic touch that enhances the expected results. And guess what? Our patients are delighted. They tell us that they feel completely transformed, and that it has boosted their self-confidence.

The cherry on the cake is that it can be personalised. We can adapt the concentration and frequency of administration according to each person’s requirements, which leads to tailored results and complete satisfaction. We pay attention to our patients, how they feel and their level of satisfaction, and adjust our protocols accordingly. To stay at the top of our game when using NCTF 135HA, we undergo continuous training. This is the key to maintaining the high quality of our work and enriching our expertise. NCTF 135HA is an integral part of my daily activity, as it allows me to fulfil my patients’ requirements.

How does NCTF135HA stand out from the more classic aesthetic treatments that you offer?

NCTF 135HA stands out due to its nutrient-rich actives, offering a holistic approach to skin revitalisation by improving its elasticity, radiance and texture. It is a complement to other aesthetic procedures and can be adapted by doctors according to the individual’s requirements, while having a positive impact on the patient’s wellbeing and self-confidence.

NCTF 135HA THE NEW SUPERFOOD for the skin by Laurence Cohen, micro-nutritionist, founder of Natureset.

How do the micronutrients present in NCTF 135HA contribute to the skin’s overall health?

They improve the skin’s overall health because NCTF 135HA provides all of the micronutrients needed for fi broblast development, which are the cells at the origin of the tissues that make up the dermis and epidermis. NCTF 135HA diffuses vitamins, trace elements and essential minerals, such as zinc and selenium, to boost the activity of the antioxidant enzymes and improve skin health.

In your opinion, how do the micronutrients in NCTF 135HA differ from standard food supplements in terms of their efficacy on the skin?

The secret of NCTF 135HA is its precise dosage of micronutrients and its balanced formula that stimulates the fi broblasts. By revitalising them, it boosts cell regeneration, promoting skin radiance and increasing the production of collagen and elastin fibres. These are the fibres that allow the skin to stay supple, elastic and resistant. The fibroblasts also secrete substances connected with the skin’s growth, development and daily function. It offers so much more than classic food supplements!

Dr Brigitte Desporte: Graduate of Lyon medical faculty Emergency paediatric physician, with experience in geriatrics and disabilities. Aesthetic and anti-aging doctor for the last 15 years, 8 years in Paris, including 5 in a clinic. Medical expert for the High Courts. Doctor at SENFINA: trainer for various laboratories, specialising in injections, threads, hair, beard and eyebrow transplantation, nutrition, slimming and the intimate area.

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Laurence Cohen: Qualified in and passionate about micronutrition and phytotherapy, I help women to “age better” with a holistic approach that combines diet, lifestyle and genetic heritage.

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