In recent years, the popularity of laser hair removal has skyrocketed. Hair follicles on the armpits, legs and bikini line can now be eliminated for the long term. 

Dr Damien Legay et Dr Nadia Delorme

Deleo, a French manufacturer of medical aesthetics devices, has turned its attention to hair removal by launching SUBLIM®, which is at the crossroads between Solid State and Diode lasers.

SUBLIM®, a 100% French innovation

Since 2019, Deleo has focused its attention on designing and manufacturing latest-generation lasers in order to give patients and doctors access to safe and effective treatments. Equipped with a beam frequency of 8Hz and wavelengths ranging from 785nm to 1064nm, it allows for a significant reduction in hair coverage after six to eight pain-free sessions.

The new gold standard for laser hair removal

In addition to its remarkable performance, the SUBLIM® laser also provides a pleasant treatment experience for both the patient and the healthcare professional. Thanks to its ergonomic design and its integrated software, which includes preset protocols adapted to the different phototypes and hair thicknesses, it is very easy to use. It guarantees precise, quick and less painful hair removal sessions for patients.

As healthcare professionals (Dr Delorme, aesthetic dermatologist, and Dr Legay, aesthetics doctor), we have rarely been so impressed by the results achieved with a piece of medical equipment. The absence of consumables, the lightweight and ergonomic hand-piece, its efficacy, ease of use and reliability guarantee comfortable and almost pain-free sessions for patients.

It allows us to reduce hair coverage by more than 90% in a minimum number of sessions (7 sessions are usually enough) on all types of hair, even the thinnest (duvet), on fair skin and dark skin, in complete safety (no burns recorded in 18months of use). The satisfaction rate is remarkable: More than 95% of patients are satisfied after 7 sessions.

The SUBLIM® has set an unparalleled standard in terms of high-quality laser hair removal, offering a perfect combination of innovation, efficacy, safety and comfort for my patients. Feedback has been unanimous, both from the patients and from the operators. We wholeheartedly recommend the SUBLIM® laser, which offers quick treatment thanks to the high frequency of its beams and adjustable precision with its ergonomic head, which can be adapted to all patients thanks to the customisable interface. 

Dr Damien LEGAY. A specialist in morphological and anti-aging medicine, Dr Damien Legay offers global anti-aging treatment plans that combine the latest medical aesthetics technology with micronutrition, sport and wellness.

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Dr Nadia Delorme. An aesthetic dermatology specialist in Angers for over 16 years, Dr Nadia Delorme offers anti-aging treatments, lasers, pulsed light, medical peels, body shaping and facial treatments.

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Dr Damien Legay et Dr Nadia Delorme 

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