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Ageing has long been considered a phenomenon that must be fought at all costs. The beauty industry has greatly contributed to transforming the signs of ageing into marks of shame against which we must actively fight. Anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing, anti-sagging: so many “counter-attacking” promises that encourage patients in their fight against the ageing process.

We explain a new approach to ageing that is revolutionising aesthetic medicine, BY FILLMED BY FILORGA LABORATORIES


new approach to ageing

A positive perception of ageing

Today, longevity, beauty and wellbeing are indissociable. And, at a time when social media is turning the codes of communication on their heads, the perception of ageing is changing; women’s behaviour is changing and they are no longer afraid of getting older. Because they know that there are solutions, age is no longer seen as a fatality but rather a positive thing and we focus more on wellbeing. We welcome the physical changes more calmly, like a celebration of the passing time. The most important thing is feeling good, regardless of age, while taking an active role in one’s own beauty. Beauty is becoming more holistic and is part of a comprehensive approach to which health and wellbeing are central. Feeling good regardless of your age is not just a question of how you look; it is, above all, a question of self-confidence, being kind to yourself and not having any hang-ups.

Transgenerational self-acceptance

Positive Pro-Ageing is a philosophy that involves accepting yourself, whatever your age. It affects all generations, but each one expresses it differently.

Pro-ageing for Millennials

It terms of beauty, Millennials (age 18-35) command their own vision and their own codes, which belong to a generation that is overexposed on social media. No more stereotypes or one single idea of beauty! Today, the under 30s take responsibility: they advocate self-acceptance through singularity, but some also want to make improvements or undergo physical transformations. Pro-ageing, to them, might mean fuller lips, more prominent cheekbones or more radiant skin. These small alterations enable them to beautify their face with injections. They are also very clued-up about how to prevent the signs of ageing, with flawless skin being a must!

Positive pro-ageing

Over 40s require performance

From age 40, the signs of ageing become more visible. Women are socially and professionally active, and they have a real need to perform well: for them, it is all about staying youthful and resisting the signs of ageing. They envisage getting older in a holistic way; wellbeing is primordial, but their approach is still very active. This is expressed through their desire for prevention and their need to correct the first signs of ageing, for which they seek the help of an aesthetic doctor.

The phenomenon of youthful seniors and ageing well

Aged between 60 and 75 is a new generation of seniors who are turning the way we view old age upside down. A real societal phenomenon, the Youthful Senior generation advocates personal fulfilment. They want to age healthily but also beautifully. For them, positive pro-ageing does not mean transforming yourself to make yourself look younger; above all, it means feeling good in your own skin and doing whatever you can to age gracefully.

Aesthetic medicine by FILLMED: a pro-ageing philosophy as its DNA

Well before the beauty industry jumped on the bandwagon, Positive Pro-Ageing was already a part of FILLMED by FILORGA’s DNA.

A leader in the revitalisation market for over 40 years thanks to NCTF 135HA (New Cellular Treatment Factor), FILLMED have always placed prevention and improving the skin quality at the heart of their comprehensive aesthetic approach, seeing aesthetic medicine as a pro-ageing solution that can contribute to healthy ageing as well as wellbeing.

How FILLMED have changed how pro-ageing care is delivered today

The pro-ageing approach requires us to respond to each generation’s specific requirements. For some, this means preventing; for others it means correcting or beautifying, sometimes both at the same time. We must also respect the unique character and personality of each patient. It is therefore essential, in aesthetic medicine, to be able to offer personalised cosmetic treatment plans to rejuvenate or maintain a fresh-faced appearance.


Driven by this desire for tailored care, FILLMED by FILORGA have made their pro-ageing approach available in several protocols, which combine skin quality with wrinkle and volume correction:


For glowing, smooth and plumped skin.

Who for? For all ages, to boost radiance and smooth fine lines

Technique: peels and revitalisation


To reduce the signs of fatigue and boost radiance.

Who for? From age 30, for early skin sagging with signs of fatigue such as nasolabial folds and tear troughs, moderately marked

Technique: revitalisation and filling with mildly cross-linked gels


To reshape the oval and correct volumes.

Who for? From age 40, when there is significant skin sagging due to a loss of volume and elasticity

Technique: revitalisation and filling with volumising gels

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