Dr Nathalie Fournier

EXION™, the innovative treatment platform developed by BTL, is the AI-powered Radiofrequency Generation that optimises  your patients’ treatments for maximum effectiveness and tolerance.

4 distinct applicators: EXION™ Fractional RF, EXION™ FACE, EXION™ BODY, EMFEMME 360® the first non-invasive treatment that significantly increases the production of HA (224% after 4 sessions) and reduces both skin laxity (85%) and fat dimples (22%).

• Microneedling treatment with Fractional Radiofrequency (RF). 

• Its specific emission mode (‘EXTENDED’) brings excellent outcomes in skin laxity, wrinkles and scars with maximum tolerance.

• Fastest and most effective procedure without adverse effects or pain for intimate rejuvenation (EMFEMME 360®).

FRACTIONAL RF: 2 to 5 single-pass with 1 to 6 weeks intervals

AI controls the RF impulse in each needle and brings a consistently homogeneous thermal outcome. Its “Extended” mode is a thermal gradient that reaches approximately double the actual penetration depth of the needles and bypasses the mechanoreceptors: ultra-effective deep thermal effect with minimal needle penetration discomfort. Even with a 7.5cm thermal gradient, EXION™ does not become aversive. In my 2023 clinical study, a preliminary treatment with EXION™ Body or Face is performed, then with EXION™ Fractional RF. I have named this protocol “EXION Double Touch”. The heat stored in the skin alters the perception of pain mechanoreceptors, significantly reducing the pain felt and increasing HA production.

EXION™ FACE: 4 to 5 sessions with 2 to 14 days interval

Its non-invasive patented combination of monopolar RF and ultrasounds that target the reticular dermis forces the skin to produce its own HA through the dual mechanical and thermal stress inflicted on dermal fibroblasts (40-42°). Studies also show a 47% increase in collagen and 50% in elastin production. Thus, skin texture and hydration are improved. It is becoming increasingly popular among patients who prefer non-invasive alternatives to injections. Combined protocols of EXION FACE™ sessions + EXION FRACTIONAL™ + HIFES® like EMFACE®, can be proposed to work on facial muscles and their fascia, combined with botulinum toxin or dermal fillers injectables, or as an alternative to them.

EXION™ BODY: 4 treatments per zone with 2 to 14 days intervals

This patented combination of monopolar RF and targeted ultrasounds and an adjustable integrated active cooling system allows the operator to thermally isolate the skin while directing the intense heat produced by radiofrequency and ultrasound towards adipose tissues to the desired depth. This reduces skin laxity and undesirable fat dimples while protecting the overlying skin. Treatment with EXION™ BODY combined with treatments with HIFEM® (Emsculpt NEO®) and/or SHOCKWAVES (EMTONE®) optimize non-invasive body reshaping, painlessly.

EMFEMME 360®: 3 to 4 sessions with 15 days intervals

8-minute internal area treatment involving the entire vaginal circumference without any pain: Followed by an increase in tissue perfusion and neo-collagenesis and elastogenesis, with subsequent remodelling. Effectiveness is often observed as early as the first month after the first session, even though complete results come later on. 

This non-invasive controlled monopolar radiofrequency procedure is used to treat vaginal laxity and sexual dysfunctions.

This is particularly interesting for menopausal women wanting to maintain functional activity and an attractive external appearance, or for postpartum women with disabling residual laxity. Regardless of your medical speciality, EMFEMME 360® and EMSELLA® (HIFEM® chair) for pelvic muscle treatment is a Must Combo for intimate area treatment.

This technological gem deserves the attention of aesthetic medicine practitioners because it offers a wide range of treatment possibilities for one same patient.

Dr Nathalie Fournier: Aesthetic dermatologist. Founder of the Aesthetic Laser Centre for Dermatology and Phlebology.Member of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, French Society for Laser Medicine, French Society for Lasers in Dermatology.

More informations: dr-fournier-esthetique.fr


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