By Dr. Richard Haddad

The existence of soluble fibres in wheat and corn seeds was discovered in 2008 thanks to a new filtration technique. These soluble or prebiotic fibres have a direct action on the microbiota discovered a few years earlier. You can take prebiotics as a complement or prior to any aesthetic surgery procedure (liposuction, laser lipolysis, cryolipolysis, etc.).

THE MICROBIOTA with PRO and PREbiotics

The human body is made up of cells containing the human genome but also thousands and thousands of non-human cells. The microbes present in the intestine, which we call human microbiota, qualify as a new organ. They play a very important role in keeping us healthy.

All of the aesthetic specialities are concerned because other types of microbiota also exist: in the skin, the mouth, the vagina, etc. We therefore need to take them into account during any medical or surgical procedure.

All of these microbiota need maintaining, but how? By providing them with the required nutrients. These nutrients are called prebiotics, and they can be found in fruit and vegetables. Probiotics do not have the same effect, in my opinion, though companies like Danone would disagree!

What surgeon or aesthetic doctor has not been faced with a request to slow down the aging process, which is unavoidable but affects people to varying degrees? Liposuction is often carried out as an isolated procedure, but we now know that if we want the results of liposuction to last, we must:

  1. Alkalise the body;
  2. Boost the diet’s supply of soluble prebiotic fibres;
  3. Increase the protein intake.

In July 2017, in Illinois, the ISAPP drew up the latest consensus to provide further information for the aesthetic medicine and surgery fields.

Collagen: Another discovery that has helped aesthetic surgeons and doctors

New separation techniques have led to the mass extraction of collagen from beef or fish flesh. Three types of collagen have been separated; they are classed according to the area they are deposited. The two collagens we are interested in are the one that settles in the tendons and the one that settles in the skin. The latter completes the surgeon or aesthetic doctor’s work thanks to its firming effect on the skin of the face and body (different depths of peel, CO2 fractional lasers, LEDs or radiofrequency, etc.).

The discovery of microbiota brings up the question of holistic medicine, in which the intestine plays a central role by sending neurotransmitters, immunomodulators, hormonal substances and even bacterial debris from the intestine to the rest of the body.

The discovery of collagen means that, now more than ever, no medical aesthetic or surgical procedure can be performed without taking the whole body into consideration.

Doctor Richard Haddad 

Nutrition, prebiotics, microbiota. Author and conference speaker.

Latest book: “The secret to the intestine: the Microbiota”. ALPEN editions.

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