The use of blunt-tip micro-cannulas in aesthetic medicine has revolutionized the practice of filler injections. Doctors and practitioners have adopted new techniques and patients benefit from less painful anti-ageing treatments even in a single session. The results are instantly visible, homogeneous and look more natural.

Since 2009, SoftFil® has been offering the latest technology, high quality micro-cannulas to aesthetic medicine professionals who practice a holistic approach to ageing. SoftFil® Precision, is available with 15 different sizes, to meet all needs in terms of flexibility, calibers and lengths to facilitate the injections.

The principle innovations of the SoftFil® Precision range, provides ultimate precision during injections. Among the innovations are an extra-large internal caliber to reduce injection pressure, centimetric cannula graduation for symmetrical injection depth, orifice close to the tip and a red dot orifice-locator on the hub, for total control of the filler direction.
15 different cannulas can be used for hyaluronic acid, lipofilling, PRP and mesotherapy injections.

According to the Soft Filling Technique® and the One Point Technique®, the face’s natural features are restored in a subtle way, with a sort of real face lift effect, enhanced by a glowing appearance many can get by minimizing shadows and hollows. Neck and décolleté areas as well as the hands are also now treatable.
SoftFil® : Innovative tools at your fingertips, for optimum results.

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