ABG Lab is a rapidly-developing pharmaceutical company thanks to its R&D in aesthetic medicine and skincare. The company’s director and scientific manager tell us about their range of products and their strategy. Interview by Thierry Piolatto.

Elina Tester, Louis Rinaldi: Essentially, we have two separate product lines. Safe mesotherapy injections for the face, and anti-aging treatment technologies with exclusive formulations. We market four products: MesoEye, MesoSculpt, Meso-Xanthine and Meso-Wharton. Two others are due to be launched soon. One of our main treatments is Meso-Wharton P199®, the only peptide capable of reversing skin aging and restoring damaged skin. Meso-Wharton P199® has shown outstan-ding clinical results in over a million patients worldwide since it was launched in 2010. We also offer the first epigenetic treatment, Meso-Xanthin F199, which helps reju-venate the skin’s fibroblast cells and epidermal cells and protects against their senescence by protecting against the damaging effects of the sun and skin aging. We also have MesoEye C71® and MesoSculpt C71® to restore the face’s beauty. MesoEye C71® focuses on the eye contour, efficiently treating eye bags, dark circles and deep crow’s feet wrinkles. MesoSculpt C71® reduces the fat pockets on the face, in the chin, jaw and cheeks, to restore the oval of the face. It inhibits the synthesis of crucial enzymes that play a role in lipogenesis, the accumulation of fat in the pre-existing adipocytes.”

Mesotherapy plays an important role with Me-so-Xanthin 199. Why?

“Meso-Xanthin F199 is one of the first mesotherapy technologies to use epigenetics to rejuvenate the skin cells. Meso-Xanthin fights cellular aging by targeting the genetic expression of antioxidants and key proteins. It repairs the cells’ damaged DNA, thus prolon-ging their longevity, and improves the quality of the fi broblasts. We obtain more collagen, smoother, regenerated skin and a more radiant complexion with reduced hyperpigmentation and age spots. The skin cells are more resistant to environmental factors as chronic inflammation is reduced. Mesotherapy allows us to renew the skin in a natural way.

What is your development strategy in Europe?

E.T. “As a businesswoman based in the United States, I sim-ply want to use my experience to help develop the industry in France. I am delighted to be able to present my technologies in Europe because they are very important to the future of anti-aging. This is only the beginning for aesthetic medicine!”



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