By Dr Benjamin Cozanet

Micro-focused ultrasounds successfully firm and densify the skin with a visible lifting effect. 

Combined with Skin Beauty Boosters, this protocol can halt skin aging on the face and decolletage, while improving the skin quality and rejuvenated appearance of the skin over the course of several sessions.

Complete restoration that lasts

I was one of the first aesthetics doctors in France to work with micro-focused ultrasounds 9 years ago. Of all of the different technologies designed for skin firming and medical lifts, the Ulthera device is the one that provided me with the most convincing and consistent results. I have treated more than 1,000 patients and have performed more than 3,500 treatments, with a patient loyalty and return rate of around 75%, which in my experience is very rare. The vast majority are women, though I have had some male patients for whom ultrasounds have given excellent results. My protocol is made up of one session of Ultherapy every two years, combined with a first session of Skin Beauty Boosters 15 days later, then 2 or 3 sessions of boosters spaced a month apart. The aim of this is to rehydrate the skin and work in synergy with the ultrasounds, which stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Combined with the hyaluronic acid and glycerol booster (Revive) for enhanced hydration, this treatment allows me to completely restore the three components of the skin, in addition to stimulating the muscles with the ultrasounds.

Patients did not age during the two years of lockdowns A great many of my patients live abroad and, since the borders have reopened, I have had the pleasure of seeing patients who have come back to repeat their treatment. I found they hadn’t changed at all, despite not having had any treatments done in the last 2 or even 3 years, even those aged over 60. I was astounded by the quality and resilience of the positive effects of this combined protocol.

My patients had not changed and their skin was just as dense and elastic, with no new wrinkles!

This clearly demonstrated the positive effects, as well as the long-lasting neocollagenesis triggered by the focused ultrasounds. I think that its efficacity is due, in part, to the fact that I carefully follow the line of the SMAS throughout the procedure thanks to the device’s integrated ultrasound scanner. The fact that I can precisely target my ultrasounds both along the line of the SMAS and at the right depth helps to make this procedure so effective. To focus on the periorbital area, I administer a light local anaesthetic with microinjections of xylocaine plus adrenaline, in order to avoid any pain. First, I treat above the eyebrow by distributing my ultrasound shots according to the shape desired by the patient. I increase the number of shots near the head of the eyebrow in order to open up the glabellar region and make the expression brighter, and then I lift the tail of the eyebrow, which gives a dynamic, rejuvenating effect. For heavy, drooping eyebrows, I manually lift the eyelid as high as possible then I shoot a line of ultrasounds, which safely lifts and freshens up the eye area. As for the lower eyelid and crow’s feet wrinkles, depending on requirements, I adapt the distribution of the ultrasound shots around the edge of the eye socket for a real tightening, densifying and smoothing effect.

Results that last a long time

On average I have the hindsight of 3 to 4 combined treatments per returning patient. What I find interesting is that there are no perceptible changes in the volumes of the face (using before/ after photos for comparison). The patients’ skin is tonic, firm and plumped, densified, hydrated and smooth, with good trophicity. So that the skin tightening effect lasts longer on the neck and decolletage, where the skin is very thin, I sometimes combine some diluted Radiesse for better tissue induction, which provides firmness and a lifting effect to correct any crumpling or sagging in the neck and boost the skin densification in the decolletage. With 9 years of hindsight and several million treatments performed, I am still perfectly satisfied with the long-lasting lifting effect and the improved skin quality. Even with patients who had their first session 8 years ago, their skin remains unchanged, and has even gained in density.

Dr Benjamin Cozanet: Aesthetic and anti-aging doctor. Laureate and winner of an award from Paris medical faculty. A former registrar and consultant for Paris Descartes University Hospital applauded him via the medical community for his expertise and ethics.

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