By the Dr Isabelle Meurgey and the Dr Alain Butnaru

Mankind has always sought to prolong its youthful energy and longevity. The ability to slow down, or even reverse the aging process and cure a large number of age-related illnesses is within reach.



Anti-aging medicine is a holistic type of medicine that focuses on performance, good sense and prevention, but above all it is a personalised form of medicine. Anti-aging medicine focuses on helping the patient to live a full life, maintain their capabilities, be happy, old and in good health.

What are the most probable factors that cause us to age?

• The mitochondria generate most of the free radicals that damage the body through oxidative stress.
• Our ability to detoxify our body of internal and external pollution.
• Our ability to repair our DNA
The shortening of the telomeres. The telomeres can be compared to a protective cap on the ends of the chromosomes. Every time the cells divide, they shorten and only telomerase can repair them. When the telomeres become too short, the cell can no longer divide and it dies. The speed at which the telomeres shorten de- fines the longevity of each species.
• Epigenetics. This plays a primary role in regulating gene expression by acting directly upon the DNA itself, through methylation, which renders the genes silent, making them impossible to read, and by modifying the histones. These modifications are passed down from one generation to the next, but they can also be reversed.

What are the therapies available in anti-aging medicine?

Micronutrition. This enables us to detect the existence of markers of oxydation, inflammation and glycation and to correct them in a customised way.
• Hormone supplements
• Telomerase activators
Several molecules are thought to stimulate the synthesis and growth of telomerase. These are astragaloside IV and cycloastragenol, which are present in minute quantities in astragalus membranaceus root. These molecules are currently being studied.
• Epigenetics, a revolution in patient treatment
With epigenetics, the patient becomes responsible for their own gene expression by altering their daily habits. It uses the principles of hormesis, the body’s natural defence mechanism when faced with external stress, leading to a process of repair and regeneration (fasting, exposure to extreme temperatures, HIIT or interval training).
• Stress management. Meditation, breathing techniques, cardiac coherence and treating our emotional wounds all help us to make our lives more meaningful, to feel happier and to lengthen our telomeres.
• One of the research avenues involves stem cells
They are found in all tissues (skin, liver, muscles, blood and fat): a veritable youth-boosting cocktail! They are capable of renewing themselves and set themselves apart from other cell types. This is cell therapy.

We could even, in the future, regenerate a whole organ thanks to our own natural resource of stem cells.

• Let’s take it one step further…
What if strength of mind was an avenue for self-regeneration?
An inscription is etched on the pediment of the Delphi Temple:
“Know thyself, and thou shalt know the universe and God”

Neuroscience is booming!

The rational left brain has been thoroughly explored and developed, so it is about time that we did the same for the intuitive and creative right brain!

The pineal gland, in addition to secreting melatonin and its action on the circadian rhythms, has anti-oxidant properties. It is also made up of calcite crystals measuring less than 20 microns, with piezoelectrical properties that are electromechanical conductors. We have a veritable antenna inside our brain! What could it be used for?

The pituitary gland, when activated, produces vasopressin and oxytocin. The production of the latter triggers heightened emotions that make us feel love and joy. Love gives you wings!

Outlook for the future

Transhumanism involves using biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, computers and artificial intelligence on humans. The ultimate goal is to merge Man with computers, enabling them to avoid aging and death. Is this the best scenario for Mankind?

Maybe one day we will be able to survive the many environmental aggressions, just like the kineococcus radiotolerans bacteria that can resist radioactivity.
We will be able to unveil the secrets of those animals that can rejuvenate themselves, such as lobsters, which secrete large quantities of telomerase; axolotls (Mexican salamanders) which can rebuild their damaged organs; or turritopsis nutricula (immortal jellyfish) that age and then revert to childhood.

Graal’s research into immortality is currently being explored by many research centres on a frenzied quest for a miracle cure.
But might this miracle cure already be inside us?

Is it down to us to find the key to release it?

Nassim Haramein, a modern physician, showed that the universe and the body are made from 99.99% emptiness, filled with an infinite energy. How can we access it? Might we be capable of endlessly recycling this energy? Molecule? Technology? Deep feeling? How can we tap into our inner source of eternal youth?


Doctor Isabelle Meurgey
Doctor of anti-aging and cosmetic medicine. Graduate of the Rouen medical faculty. Has specialised in preventative and performance medicine since 1997. Permanent member of the French Society of Aesthetic Medicine. Diplomas in Micronutrition, Auriculotherapy, Hypnosis.
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Doctor Alain Butnaru
Graduate of the Paris Medical Faculty. Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine since 1985. Permanent member of the French Society of Aesthetic Medicine.Degrees in Morphological and Anti-Aging Medicine, Micronutrition, Auriculotherapy and Hypnosis. More information on

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