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A sublime neck and an elegant oval For a long time, the oval of the face, the neck and the décolletage have been somewhat neglected in aesthetic medicine. But thanks to a selection of new global approaches, which are becoming more commonly-practised by our experts, this neglect is becoming a […]

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Radiant skin The autumn is here and you now face the challenge of rehydrating your skin after intense sun exposure, in a bid to recover its lost volumes and suppleness. We have put together a selection of complete procedures that will regenerate and plump your skin, boost collagen and stimulate […]

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A flawless complexion, faded marks Is it down to photo-aging, pollution or oxidative stress? In part, no doubt, but there is no denying that our complexion is continuously exposed to attacks from our environment. Erasing pigmentation marks to make our complexion clearer and more radiant, making us look well and […]

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Injection techniques Injection techniques have become extremely sophisticated over the last ten years, and practitioners now have substantial experience. This means that the treatments themselves have also become highly sophisticated: injections can be performed into the deep dermal layers or more superficially, products can be combined according to their properties […]


ANTI-AGE magazine, the internationally renowned beauty and anti-aging  magazine, is set to launch in Greece and Cyprus in spring 2016. Following its successful  worldwide  release with more than 400.000 copies worldwide  and strong  bilingual presence in Europe, Asia and Russia, the magazine will be published  as a bilingual version (in both Greek and […]

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Anti Age Magazine “Anti Age Magazine” is the first women’s magazine dedicated to well-being and beauty medicine. Our edition is read in 17 countries and it is a European leader for 5 years. Very high-level content is written by more than 100 internationally recognized experts (doctors and health professionals). The […]