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Aesthetic gynaecology

Aesthetic medicine and surgery are coming to the rescue of our sexuality, and we are seeing a real boom in these mini-invasive treatments. The introduction of specialised fillers for aesthetic gynaecology has enabled us to provide straightforward and effective solutions, as well as shining the spotlight on other procedures that had been kept under wraps, such as vaginal lasers or photo-biomodulation. Vaginal dryness (which affects 4 women in 10), a lack of trophicity or elasticity, a loss of muscle tone, a slack vagina…these issues no longer signal disaster!


How to prevent aging and stay in good health.

Treatment of pigmentation marks


Beauty and rejuvenation for intimate areas

Vaginal dryness:Recently-Developed treatments

Vaginal pathologies and sexuality: solutions!

Menopause: does it signal the end of your sexual life?

Tweaking botulinum toxin is the new way to customize BTX Injections for a natural look

Get an hourglass figure in one hour without a corset

Enhance your silhouette before summer by reducing localized fat folds with the medical cryolipolysis

Combined treatments for flawless skin

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