The use of growth factors in cosmetology

By Dr Valérie Leduc In cosmetology, most creams or serums contain hyaluronic acid for firm, tonic and well-hydrated skin, vitamin C for its hydrating, brightening and anti-wrinkle action, retinol for its anti-aging action, and finally glycolic acid (fruit acids, AHAs) for effective exfoliation and increased hydration. The addition of plant-origin […]

My “EYE LIFT” method for treating the eye area: “A window to your emotions”

Dr Dahbia Touhlali The eye area is the first area we need to analyse, as our emotions flow from our eyes even before we speak. This is our eyes’ “body language”. The periorbital area groups together several structures, each one playing an important role in the expression and requiring a specific treatment. The […]

Skintech Pharma Group: Benebellum Fighting hyperpigmentation 

BENEBELLUM MEANS A “GOOD WAR” against hyperpigmentation, and is the new conceptual brand developed by Skin Tech Pharma Group. Benebellum offers a complete solution for treating skin with blemishes or imperfections, based on new anti-aging strategies with cutting-edge, selective molecules. FULGORA 30/50, BENEBELLUM’s flagship product, is highly effective on hyperpigmentation […]

Hydrafacial: Baby-soft skin for everyone!

Hydrafacial, the famous American facial, pushes the boundaries of perfection even further with its new treatment options for ultimate customisation and an even more beautiful complexion. Radiance-boosting, anti-aging, clarifying…this treatment adapts to all requirements, and can now be used on all areas (face, neck, décolleté, hands, back, etc.). It is […]


Express revitalising eye contour stick The popular Optim-Eyes product is back in a stick format, for a fast and refreshing boost. Its secret? Fatigue-busting “cryo-technology”. Its decongesting, ice-cube effect smooths fines lines and enhances your natural radiance to liven up the eye area. RRP: €29.90 for a 12.5g stick info […]


For a firmer future! This new serum is a powerful firming and brightening booster that is formulated with 20% stabilised vitamin C combined with niacinamide, which enhances its collagen stimulating action. It also contains peptides from resveratrol and mulberry that reduce accumulated pigmentation, and peptides that relax the muscles that […]