For a firmer future! This new serum is a powerful firming and brightening booster that is formulated with 20% stabilised vitamin C combined with niacinamide, which enhances its collagen stimulating action. It also contains peptides from resveratrol and mulberry that reduce accumulated pigmentation, and peptides that relax the muscles that […]


A post-procedure treatment Nexultra B is a multi-action balm with a high concentration of biomimetic peptides, Omega 3 and camelina oil. It helps rebalance the skin, relieves inflammation, and provides an immediate soothing effect and intense hydration. Nexultra B is ideal for use after surgery, laser treatments, dermabrasion… It helps […]

AQ Recovery AQ SKIN Solutions

AQ’s American GF technology refers to an advanced, innovative method of producing growth factors collected from human fibroblasts and adding them to topical cosmeceuticals. Selective growth factors play a role in increasing cell production and repair, blood vessel production, and collagen and elastin production. AQ has a unique patent and […]


More than a face mask, it’s a second skin When subjected to various aggressions, the skin becomes tight and uncomfortable. To soothe and hydrate it, ENEOMEY laboratories’ second-skin Hyaluronic Masque is now available in pharmacies. Made of very thin, natural biocellulose, this mask is already used by a number of […]

Glycolic 10 Skinceuticals

Overnight cosmetic peel Containing 10% active glycolic acid, this peel speeds up cell renewal, smooths the skin texture and improves its overall appearance. It promotes cellular turnover in the stratum corneum and reduces wrinkles for healthy, glowing skin. Its 10% concentration makes it the ideal product for use overnight. 50ml […]

Eclat de Rose, Centifolia

 Cleansing Oil Gel This cleansing gel is a real hydration- booster. With a chameleon-like texture made up of 3 highly-effective actives – Centifolia Rose, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C – it cleanses, removes make up, hydrates and boosts the skin’s radiance. 150ml pump bottle priced at €15.45  info :