Medical Spa

Hôtel Spa of Bourgtheroulde, France

A deluxe wellness break in the 5-star Bourgtheroulde Hotel, a jewel from the Renaissance located in the heart of the historic town of Rouen.   Blending the authenticity and charm of a majestic 16th-century site with the comfort of a 5-star, modern and chic designer hotel, the Bourgtheroulde houses 78 […]

Thermes Marins de Saint Malo, France

Sea & Sleep How can you recover your vital energy? The Thermes Marins de Saint Malo have the answer, with their new package that combines the benefits of the sea with a protocol to improve your sleep. This thalassotherapy break will help you combat insomnia, a modern-day problem that affects […]

Vichy Célestins Spa Hotel, France

Straight to the heart of your health. Europe’s largest health complex – which covers an area of 7,500m2 and is ingeniously linked to a 5-star hotel by a bridge – is located in Vichy and offers a range of innovative health packages. As soon as you step over the threshold […]

VAMED Vitality World, Austria

Therme Laa Hotel & Spa, St. Martins Spa & Lodge, la pura women’s health resort kamptal. Vamed AG is an international health group that has been involved in the thermal spa and wellness industry since 1995, under the name Vamed Vitality World. It boasts more than 760 establishments in 78 […]

Relais Thalasso – Château des Tourelles, France

How about a metamorphosis? Change your life, change yourself: it’s something everyone thinks about, but few people ever do. With their new, luxury long-stay package, Relais Thalasso help you to take the first step along the road to wellbeing. “Metamorphosis” is a highly innovative 6-day package that is based around […]

An authentic Japanese sauna, by Iyashi Dome

Guaranteed detoxifying effect. Detoxifying the body prevents a number of illnesses. Thanks to its long infrared rays, the Iyashi Dome helps the body to eliminate toxic heavy metals such as aluminium, strontium, barium, nickel, lead, molybdenum, arsenic and cadmium. It also boasts an anti-aging action, offering increased hydration, a reduction […]