By Doctor Karima Guenoun

Endospheres Therapy and its patented, non-invasive Compressive Microvibration® technology (low-frequency mechanical vibrations emitted by a roller equipped with 55 silicone spheres) is an excellent approach for the safe and comprehensive treatment of patients with cellulite, which is often associated with subjacent circulation issues.

Why use this technology ?

Superficial venous insufficiency is a chronic and progressive illness that affects around 20% of Western adults.
It is a relatively benign illness, but often leads to discomfort such as restless or heavy legs, which can become incapacitating over time.

Its physiopathology, in simple terms, is characterised by the dilation of the walls of the veins and venules. It is often hereditary and leads to venous stasis, which is responsible for the symptoms.

Cellulite, which is caused by many factors, is a very common and much publicised skin complaint. The number of patients seeking treatment for this issue is ever-increasing. In simplified terms, cellulite is formed in the hypodermis due to several simultaneous factors:

• Hypertrophy of the adipocytes, which slows the microcirculatory exchanges, causing toxins to stagnate.

• The hypertrophic adipocytes protrude from the fibrous wall, which is where the “quilted” effect comes from.

Currently, there are as many treatments for cellulite as there are types of cellulite, and it is sometimes difficult – both for healthcare professionals and for patients – to choose between them.

These two common problems are often tackled separately, even though they are closely linked in terms of their physio-pathology.

In fact, there are three main types of cellulite:

Adipose: Soft, pain-free: belly, hips, thighs, saddlebags

Aqueous: – Soft to the touch: thighs, calves, arms (visible without pinching the skin)
– Veinous-lymphatic issues: swollen ankles and feet

Fibrous: Hard to the touch, painful (lumpy fat deposits, but- tocks)

But these three types are often connected.

Certain technologies, especially ones that suck/pull the skin, can improve our patients’ cellulite but, at the same time, they aggravate any superficial vascular lesions, known as varicose veins or spider veins.

These technologies should not be used on patients with severe veinous insufficiency or severe varicose veins.

In these cases, Endospheres Therapy really comes into its own,

With its unique compression/vibration technology that combines five synergic actions – vascular, draining, muscular, antalgic, restructuring – three of which act upon both cellulite and venous insufficiency, without any side effects (bruising, lesions, etc.) and with fast and clinically-proven results.

• Muscular action through muscle compression and micro- vibration, with a toning effect.

• Draining action, sending toxins to the lymphatic ganglions and improving symptoms (heavy legs, swelling, moderate lymphoedema)

• Vascularising action, which boosts circulation in the hypodermis while treating cellulite formation.

• Restructuring action, thanks to the rotating and vibrating action of the silicone spheres.

Endospheres Therapy is therefore an outstanding approach for the risk-free and comprehensive treatment of patients with cellulite, which is often associated with subjacent circulation problems.

At the same time, this technology provides a good therapeutic compromise for patients suffering from venous insufficiency with marked – and sometimes neglected – varicose veins.

Thanks to its five synergic actions, which make its technology unique, Endospheres Therapy acts upon both the causes and the consequences of body imbalances, meaning it has a number of effects on the body: it fights and smooths cellulite and orange-peel skin, improves the lymphatic and venous circulation, carries out important mechanical lymphatic drainage on the whole body, and thus reduces the circumference of the waist and thighs while firming and toning the muscles and conjunctive tissue. It can also be used as part of a multidisciplinary approach.


By the doctor Karima Guenoun
Award-winning graduate of Toulouse medical faculty. Vascular medicine.
Interuniversity degree in Aesthetic Dermatology Procedures.
Interuniversity degree in Medical Lasers.
University degree in Wounds and Healing.
Centre Médical Vasculaire & Esthétique in Auch.

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