By Doctor Catherine Navarro

EMSCULPT neo® : the association of a new protocol of high-intensity focused ultrasounds (HIFEM+) with selective radiofrequency.



EMSCULPT neo® offers a brand-new way of treating patients, revolutionising the paradigm of body contouring initially profiled by EMSCULPT®. In 4 sessions, it creates 25% of muscle and eliminates 30% of fat, even visceral fat, in the treatment area. And all while improving skin sagging.

EMSCULPT neo® allows us to treat an even wider range of patients who want more muscle tone and/or less fat, which motivated me to move from the EMSCULPT®, with which I was perfectly satisfied, to this new generation of device. The new device’s protocols can be used to treat already fit patients and average body-sizes, as well as patients suffering from obesity. The EMSCULPT neo® is FDA-approved and holds a medical CE mark for treating this indication through muscular neurostimulation. I have noticed a combination of results: fat elimination, muscle strengthening and skin tightening.

It is the association of a new protocol of high-intensity focused electromagnetic waves (HIFEM+) with selective radiofrequency that makes these new results possible, as until now they were unachievable simultaneously: more muscle is created (hypertrophy + hyperplasia) + more local fat is eliminated (including visceral fat) + the skin is tightened (I was able to measure the results achieved with the Exilis Ultra 360TM).

The supra-maximal contractions, which cannot be equalled, even with intense exercise, are carried out when the muscle is warm, because the selective radiofrequency (RF) acts, respectively, on the dermis at 42 degrees, on the hypodermis at 48 degrees, and, from the second minute onwards, on the muscle at 40 degrees. The RF thus improves patient comfort during the contraction phases and leads to an increase in the temperature of the subcutaneous fat, which will be responsible for eliminating 30% of the fat cells in the target area. But the EMSCULPT neo® does not render exercise redundant, as it does not improve the cardiovascular or lung function.

Of course, the amount of fat eliminated by the EMSCULPT neo® will vary according to whether the patient needs to just slim down or to lose a significant amount of fat and tighten up their skin at the same time. In all of my patients, the benefits achieved by the treatment have encouraged them to take better care of themselves: some start doing more exercise, while others clean up their lifestyle.

The EMSCULPT neo® is also equipped with new applicators that allow me to fulfil the requirements of patients who, until now, were unable to find anything really effective for their needs, such as for building muscle in the triceps to improve the “bingo wings” that many patients develop with age. The toning of the muscles combined with the loss of fat and improved skin tightening offers lovely results and boosts their self-esteem: they can wear sleeveless tops again and feel better in swimwear (the EMSCULPT neo® applicators also treat the inner and outer thighs, saddlebags and love handles).

EMSCULPT neo® can treat 9 areas.

It is a hands-free treatment, operator-independent, and the patient can stop the device if it becomes too uncomfortable.

• patients of all ages
• no downtime
• treatment can be carried out all year round, on all skin types
• handpieces developed and adapted for each area

• redefines the muscles, eliminates fat stores • more shapely buttocks
• firms and shapes the arms and thighs
• treats skin sagging

• pregnancy
• patients with a pacemaker
• patients with a metal implant in the treatment area

EMSCULPT neo® in numbers:
• 7 clinical studies
• 3 simultaneous actions
• 1 session = 20,000 supramaximal contractions in 30 minutes, the only action/time ratio to offer effective results
• 25% increase in muscle mass
• 30% average reduction in fat mass
• 4 sessions lasting 30 minutes each (4 x 20 minutes for the arms), one a week
• 1 top-up session every 3 months


By the Doctor Catherine Navarro
Laureate of the Marseille medical faculty.
Inter-university degree in morphological and anti-aging medicine.
Degree in the superficial structures of the face applied to volumising injection techniques for aesthetic purposes.
Member of the IMAL.
Trains doctors in aesthetic medicine and injection techniques.
Speaker at congresses.

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