By Dr. Mahboubeh Charlot

Cryolipolysis has proven its efficiency and safety as a non-invasive treatment for localised adipose tissue. It is always associated with a high patient satisfaction rate.

Cryolipolysis is now more popular than ever, however it still has a reputation of being limited by the patient’s morphology. In fact, several studies carried out still create doubt as they report reduced performance in case of excess weight without offering sufficient results: the BMI factor is never studied. Moreover, we see that some diet and hygiene advice has always been offered during treatment, and this advice includes deleterious diets but their impact on the results has never been documented.

A prospective clinical study has been carried out at the Thérapôle Centre-Atlantique aesthetic medicine and nutrition centre. This study concerns a group of 128 patients who received 247 CRISTAL cryolipolysis treatments. A thorough 10-minute massage was then performed on each area. A nutritional assessment was done on each patient prior to the procedure and each was offered personalised coaching to help with restoring a balanced diet.

The findings are clear: the technique is very effi cient and offers an average reduction of the body circumference of 4.78 cm at the 3-month mark. The side-effects are rare and minor as reported in the medical literature. The patient satisfaction level is very high: 96.75% of them declare being satisfied or very satisfied. No link has been found between age, BMI or the results achieved. There is however a very significant linear correlation between weight evolution and results.

Cryolipolysis is for all patients, whatever their morphology. Excess weight does not reduce its results. It must be combined with a personalised diet plan to optimise its efficiency.

Dr. Mahboubeh Charlot

Thérapôle Centre-Atlantique, Nutrition/Aesthetics department. Doctor of medicine, specialised in Antiaging Morphological Medicine and Nutrition. Doctor trainer and active Member of Scholarly Societies.

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