For women, the demand for increased lip volume is very common today because a full mouth is a sure element of seduction. Millennials who are very influenced by Instagram mainly ask for a beautiful increase in volume in order to give a glossy effect to their lips, while women over 35 years old ask for a slight increase and a natural result.

I always begin my appointment with a clinical examination that will allow me to appreciate the volume of the lips, the balance between the upper and lower lip, front and side, as well as the overall harmony between the nose and mouth. This examination is done both statically and dynamically. The position of the teeth and the inclination of the incisors are also taken into account. This analysis allows me to know how many millilitres I will need to inject at which place.

I prefer to use a needle rather than a cannula in this area in order to have more flexibility when injecting.

I inject several ovoid boluses in retrograde technique into the dry lip in front of the muscle. The number of boluses varies depending on the lip and the desired volume. In order to give the lips a volume as uniform as possible I take into account the 5 units: 3 upper and 2 lower lobes.

For the upper lip, I come to inject the external parts of the side lobes (1) symmetrically. Then I inject a bolus into the central lobe (2) if necessary. I end up injecting the medial parts of the side lobes (3) according to the desired volume.

For the lower lip, I first inject the external parts of the side lobes (4) with the same quantity as the external parts of the upper lip (1) if I want to keep the same initial inter-labial ratios. I continue by injecting the medial parts of the lateral lobes (5). If the lips are symmetrical, care must be taken to inject the same boluses of the same quantity on both sides so as not to cause asymmetry If it is a first injection and the patient wants a subtle correction, I will choose a fairly mild gel such as TEOSYAL RHA® Kiss in a 0.7mL syringe to stay on a natural result or TEOSYAL RHA® 2 if I think I’ll need 1mL. On the other hand, if her lips are really very thin, I will go for a soft volumiser such as TEOSYAL RHA® 3 which will allow a remodelling and a subtle glossy effect. But if the patient wants more volume and is used to having injections, I will choose a more pronounced volumiser such as TEOSYAL PureSense Kiss®.

In addition to this volumisation approach, the perioral area must be considered as a whole. If I ever notice that it has small fine lines on the upper white lip, I complete my treatment with TEOSYAL RHA® 1, which is a light gel that is very well suited to this area. I inject with a needle in retrograde technique along the wrinkles in the superficial dermis both statically and dynamically.


Dr Nicolas Lari : Based in Marseille for ears, Doctor Lari is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of Marseille in maxillo-facial surgery and stomatology. He practises exclusively in facial surgery. His areas of expertise are aesthetic surgery of the face and neck, jaw surgery, rhinoplasty, as well as intra-oral surgery.


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