Dr Marc Benatar

Pregnancy causes major upheaval within the body, with changes to the figure. The Mommy Bloom® programme from Deleo is a combination of Medical Cryolipolysis, High-Intensity Electromagnetic Waves and Radio-Multifrequency that enables women to regain their self-confidence.

When a woman gives birth, her belly is likely to retain the marks of pregnancy, with stubborn fat stores in the periumbilical region, the separation of the abdominal muscles causing diastasis, and sagging skin. These natural phenomena are sometimes difficult to reverse.

The signs of a postpartum revolution

The advent of social media has highlighted the effects experienced by women after pregnancy, one of which is how difficult it is to recover one’s “pre-baby body”. Though this is most often treated by healthcare practitioners, other methods can be used, such as surgery (but it is expensive and requires downtime).

What does the Mommy Bloom® protocol involve?

It involves three non-invasive and painless treatments which, when combined, allow us to work on the different cutaneous and subcutaneous layers. It includes 9 sessions and can be started at any time from 3 months after childbirth, or once you have stopped breastfeeding.

What results can we expect?

We studied this protocol on 17 patients (average age: 35.9 years, average BMI: 24.42 kg/m2, average of 1.8 children). Their sub-umbilical fat was reduced by 25.4%, their diastasis was reduced by 22.43% and the thickness of their rectus abdominus muscle had increased by 23.7%,

Mommy Bloom® is the only protocol studied in patients following childbirth and is part of a revolutionary era in post-natal aesthetic medicine.

Dr Marc Benatar: Plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery specialist for 10 years in Nice. Mainly practises breast and body surgery, as well as all aesthetic medicine procedures.

More informations: drmarcbenatar.com

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