Since patients are increasingly opting for non-invasive treatment methods, body shaping/body contouring is one of the fastest growing areas in the world of aesthetics. The market for devices suitable for these purposes is accordingly dynamic and innovative.

What’s the Z Field System?

The new “Z Field Dual” body shaping device that was presented at this year’s Medica offers a “High Energy Inductive Treatment”. Treatments with the Z Field Dual (Zimmer Aesthetic Division, Neu-Ulm) use electro-magnetic impulses and are able to contract the muscles more than 25,000 times per treatment. This intensive “muscle training” causes the body to build new muscle fibres, which can lead to considerable muscle growth in some cases.

Just as with a “normal” workout that would cause you to sweat, a “High Energy Inductive Treatment” requires a lot of energy, which the body has to provide. Of course, this increased energy consumption can also lead to more fat being burned off. In addition, blood circulation in the treated area also improves and the metabolism is stimulated. The combination of these different effects leads to a quick and visible result.

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How many sessions do you need to get an optimal result?

As a rule, 4 to 6 treatments are needed to achieve a satisfactory result. The treatment takes place while the patient is lying down and is extremely comfortable for the patient. A session lasts about 20 and 40 minutes, and treatments are carried out at intervals of about 3 to 6 days. Because the treatment is virtually painless and non-invasive, the patient can resume his or her normal daily routine immediately after treatment. The only effect that the patient feels – and it is a positive one – is a kind of muscle ache, comparable to what you get after an intensive training session.

“High Energy Inductive Treatment” is also ideally suited for use in combination with other treatments, e.g. following fat reduction treatments, in order to improve its impact and to further enhance the results even more.

The Z Field Dual system, is it a perfect combination?

Z Field Dual has two applicators of the same size. Both applicators are used at the same time with identical application parameters in order to stimulate opposing sections of muscle synchronously, for example. The use of a single applicator is also possible. Z Field Dual has pre-set programmes which allow the user to perform the various treatments quickly and reliably. In addition, the modern and simple menu navigation of the software enables the user to create individual protocols for the patient and treatment.

All of the relevant treatment parameters can be set, saved and adjusted in just a few clicks.

The innovative Z Field Dual generates electromagnetic impulses that enable many thousands of muscle contractions per session, by way of different sized applicators. The Z Field Dual can therefore help patients get closer to their dream figure in just a few treatments through targeted muscle growth.

The virtually painless Z Field treatment is suitable for all patients who are looking for targeted body contouring, and can optimally support a sports programme or healthy diet. Even after a pregnancy, a Z Field treatment can help you get your desired figure back faster.

logo_zimmer_aestheticdivisionSource : Zimmer AestheticDivision

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