Injection techniques

Injection techniques have become extremely sophisticated over the last ten years, and practitioners now have substantial experience. This means that the treatments themselves have also become highly sophisticated: injections can be performed into the deep dermal layers or more superficially, products can be combined according to their properties (more or less volumising, for example), with cannulas or syringes, according to the facial dynamics, etc. Read about some of these innovative approaches.


Back to the future

When Marty goes back to 1955 and saves the couple that will be his future parents, is it thanks to the Florence Nightingale effect (Marty has an accident) or the Oedipus complex (he is cared for by his mother, who falls in love with him) or even because he already knew the virtues of oxytocin, the hormone of desire, the power of neuroenhancers, the consequences of genetics? We will never know for sure! For our part, we have tried to find out how we can boost our brain power and how to use gene sequencing to prevent breast cancer.


  • Boost your brain power
  • Biochemical nutrition
  • Breast cancer and genetics
  • Spotlight on injectables
  • Considering the facial dynamics
  • Treating the face’s hollow volumes
  • Our must-visit places
  • Our secrets for facial rejuvenation
  • Tensors thread: the revolution!
  • Our selection of injectable products
  • Medical spas and thermal baths

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